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As the name suggests we specialize in the entertainment industry and understand this complex professional environment. The industry in Australia has a different and highly specialised tax treatment.

Not many accounting firms understand the industry and the special allowances those working in it can receive, we do! With over 20 years experience in the field we offer a dedicated service that caters to our clients individual needs, and are industry acknowledged experts in tax.

Our practice has a wide range of clients in the entertainment industry; actors, dancers, agents, producers, directors, costume designers, theatre companies, costumiers, wig-makers, drama schools, props makers, camera men and writers to name but a few. Our clients are spread across Australia and we represent many well known foreign actors and producers, who seek our services when working on local productions.

Many of the above professionals are entitled to use INCOME AVERAGING. If you have not been averaged in the past you ARE missing out on huge tax advantages. Come and see us and we can help you put these missed refunds back in your pocket.

A free half hour appointment will soon determine if you have got all the advantages you need. Email:

Let us put you back in the picture.

Deductions You May Be Able to Claim

Did you know... if you are an employee musician, actor, variety artist, singer, dancer, circus performer (that is performing artist) some of the deductions you may be able to claim are identified below.

• Commissions paid to theatrical agents - but not up-front or joining fees
• Coaching classes, such as lessons
• Fitness expenses (specific) - but not for maintaining general fitness
• Glasses & contact lenses - but not prescription glasses or contact lenses.
• Hairdressing (specific) - but not general hairdressing
• Stage make-up & cleansing materials - but not general make-up or facials
• Photographic portfolios - but not the initial cost of preparing a portfolio
• Audio tapes, video tapes & compact discs
• Theatre & film tickets - but not tickets associated with private use

Source: ATO

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