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There are few firms that have an intricate understanding of the professional sportsman.

Athletes, trainers, managers and allied sporting professionals have a complicated tax structure that requires a firm of professional accountants who understands their needs and can get them all the tax advantages that they’re entitled to.

Sports people are often taken for a ride by advisors who don’t understand their industry, circumstances and risks. We can help you over these hurdles by (pointing you in the right direction) advising you correctly.

Many of the above professionals are entitled to use INCOME AVERAGING. If you have not been averaged in the past you ARE missing out on huge tax advantages. Come and see us and we can help you put these missed refunds back in your pocket.

A free half hour appointment will soon determine if you have got all the advantages you need Email:

Let us put you in the picture, get you out of the office and back on the sports field.

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